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4 Type’s of Girls in Thai Nightclubs

Thailand has some great Nighclubs in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket. Aside from the light shows, podium dancers and pretty bar-staff you will also notice something else, they are usually very very busy places and a great place to pick up a girl (or 2)!. So what are the 4 main types of girls in the Nightclub which you may see-

Thai working girls:

Depending on the clubs, they make up from 10% – 90% of the women crowd in Patong. They are straight-forward: They are looking for a guy who will pay to have sex with them. You’ll generally see them sitting down or standing in a corner with short skirts and high heels, trying to make high contact with guys who pass by. Some are bargirls trying to earn extra cash while other are 100% freelance prostitutes. Often the moonlighting bargirls will be seen entering the Nightclubs at 3pm once their shifts finish or earlier if its their day-off. Whilst their English is good and some have good banter, in many cases its much the same as a barfine with girls typically requesting 2000-3000 Baht depending upon the type and duration of the fun being requested.

Thai party girls & professional girlfriends:

These girls, usually more pretty than average, live a good life having multiple boyfriends and sugar daddies. They have charming and fun personalities, ideal for spending a good night out. They often sleep around, sometimes asking money, sometimes not. For sure, they are your best bet for a free one night stand. They often sit at a table with a bottle of alcohol (courtesy of the boyfriend who thought he was paying for school) and you’ll notice they call the waiters by their names. These girls are often some of the most stunning in the club and are usually mistaken for spoken for women. If in doubt simply watch for a few minutes and then go over and say hello. If lady luck is on your side then you will have a hell of a night.

The Thai tourist:

Usually from Bangkok, she is on holiday with her friends. If there are guys in her group, she will be quite hard to approach. If she is with girls, it won’t be difficult. She might be reluctant to go home with you because she does not want to leave her friends alone or to look bad in front of them. Get at least her number. This is the best type of girls if you are looking for a more serious relationship. Most often, they can be seen on Walking street stopping every 2 minutes to take selfies. Inside the clubs, they stay in quiet areas when they are sober, then after 2 drinks they loose control and hit the podium. Professional Thais with good jobs are usually a little more reserved than a Bargirl however they are worth the effort.

Western tourist girls:

Most are within a group of guys or with their boyfriends. Some are alone but they will be chased by 50 other guys (if they are pretty). Places like Phuket and Bangkok do attract lone or small groups of European travellers and they are often in Asia looking to find themselves, open minded and happy to explore a new side of Asian life.

Russian and eastern European girls are a special breed and deserve a specific post just for them. Often they are as cold as ice, tend struggle with a basic conversation in English. Those that are working in some of the Russian Bars in Phuket, Pattaya and Bangkok are sometimes a little warmer to speak to, will charge a fortune (10,000 Baht is not unheard of) and will suck you dry in other ways too. However is Russia is not on your bucket list of destinations to visit a spin here is always worth a shout.

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