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A Guide to Angeles City

Angeles City is located in Luzon and the province of Pampanga– North of Manila. Approximately a 2-3 hour drive depending upon the traffic is one of the most vibrant and risque locations in Asia for fun, drinking and all night (and sometimes day) parties. Angeles is the premier nightlife venue in the Philippines and possibly in South East Asia. Home to 15,000 – 20,000 working girls every night lets look as this amazing red light location.

Flying to Angeles City

Options of flying to Angeles are limited to the local Clark Airport and the main international Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA). Which one to fly to is based mainly on where you are coming from, Manila itself is the main international airport for the Philippines and is well served by a range of global airlines. Clark Airport is mainly used for regional and domestic services, its international flights mainly fly to Singapore, Korea and China using a range of low cost carriers.

The Best Hotels In Angeles City

Getting from the Airport to the Hotel

Whilst Clark Airport is closer and just a 10-15 minute drive from the Clark Freeport Zone to Angeles City (Balibago Area) it provides convenience compared to Manila however with limited flight services and schedules it is often overlooked for better, cheaper and more convenient flights from Manila however what happens when you land in Manila? Well firstly Manila has 4 terminals (3 International and 1 Domestic). The newest and best terminal (Terminal 3) is in start contract to the 1960’s style Terminal 1. Be sure to know which terminal you are flying into before you fly.

It is always best to arrange a airport transfer whether flying into Manila or Clark. At both airports you will swamped with offers for taxis, busses and even tricycles to get to your destination. Yellow Cabs which are the airport authorised taxi service operates at all four Manila Airports, in most cases the fare is on the meter however when travelling further some negotiation on the fare then will take place. The taxi services in Manila are notoriously bad in comparison to many other places and therefore it would be advisable to use other forms of travel when transiting from Manila to Angeles City and vice versa. Ensure you leave plenty of time, journey times often last longer than expected due to the daily traffic situation in Manila. Whilst normal journey times can be as little as 2-3 hours during the rush hour period or holiday season this is known to be much longer at sometimes more than 5 hours to journey the 120km to the bright neon lights of Angeles City.

If possible book your airport transfer before you fly. This will save you both time and money plus frustration, haggling and delay upon arrival at Manila.

You have arrived! 3 distinct bar areas of Angeles City.

Angeles City has 3 fairly distinct bar areas all connected by a 4km stretch of road so its very hard to get lost. The three main bar area’s can broadly be split into Walking Street / Fields Avenue, Perimeter Road and Friendship

1. Walking Street / Fields Avenue

The Neon filled Walking Street may not be on the scale of Pattaya or Patong however the image of the neons against the night sky makes this the place where young girls from all over the country come to work in the various “entertainment venues”. One of the great things of Angeles, besides the fact that there are thousands of young Filipina ladies keen to sleep with you in exchange for a little cash (for the most part at least), is that the city is extremely easy to navigate. In fact, the red light area isn’t even located in downtown Angeles, but in an area near the Dau Bus Terminal (convenient if you are taking the bus from Manila) and totally set up for tourists. With Fields Avenue and Walking Street connected to McArthur Highway which makes its way through the city.

Walking Street are filled with many of the best clubs in Angeles with many people not venturing far from this jewel in Asia much further to look for beautiful Philippine Girls who work in the various bars, massage, clubs and nightclubs. Here in walking street and Fields Avenue you will find the famous clubs of Club Atlantis, High Society, Voodoo, Viking Bar, Angel Witch and many more.

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Walking street is filled with a mix of nationalities, Koreans, British, Americans, Europeans and Asians mix freely in the Walking Street once the sun sets and the street becomes fully pedestrianised. On the street you will see a range of freelancers, door girls and entertainers welcoming you into the many entertainment establishments along the strip.

2. Perimeter Road

Daytime drinking in After School on Perimeter Road anyone?

The Perimeter Road area of Angeles City is a day and night time drinking venue and is a very popular place to visit day or night. Here you will find many of the original bars which were around during the days of the Vietman War where the US Air Force required regular drinking holes and constant entertainment. The strip of bars stretching from Stampede to After School Bar is approximately 1km long and filled with more than 25 bars usually open from lunchtime until the early hours in the morning. Typically there will be 2 shifts of girls (day and evening) and a very good selection of beautiful woman to spend the afternoon with.

The bars in Perimeter Road are often smaller bars than those which can be found in Walking Street and Fields Avenue and therefore these are often more intimate venues with a wilder selection of staff. It is not unheard of to have a strip-tease dance at 1pm just after breakfast with the fun and entertainment usually being a precursor for many before the night time parties start. The quieter atmosphere and relaxed settings mean there is less hassle for lady drinks which are much cheaper than Walking Street. Great bars to check out on this strip is Stampede, Ice Bar, Firepit, After School and High Heels being very popular.

3. Friendship

The most North Western edge of the entertainment strip is now home to a very wide selection of Bars, KTV’s and Massage catering to the Korean tourists which commonly frequent this area of town. The ‘little Korea’ area of Angeles is filled with fair skin, early twenties and stunningly beautiful selection of Angeles City best bar girls. Often the associated costs of frequenting this area of town are a little higher as Koreans are known for paying higher amounts for drinks, entertainment and bar fines compared to those bars in Perimeter Road area of the entertainment strip.

An evening in the KTV in Friendship, Angeles City

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