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A Guide to Sex in Singapore’s Malls

Singapore has a booming sex industry in plain sight in many of the older ‘Strata’ Malls which are dotted around the city state offering Bar-Girls, Freelancers, Coyotes, Massage and much more more.

The booming malls of the 70’s and 80’s have long been replaced with modern shopping complexes often next door leaving these Strata Malls to find a new set of unit owners and customers. In the Strata Malls you can now find a huge amount of sexual services in most of the older malls around the city. Often tucked away in a corner or on the higher floors of the mall a great selection of Bars, Freelancers and Massage is available to those who know where to look so lets now visit the best places in Singapore for adult services.

Far East Plaza, Orchard Road

This was once the busiest mall on Orchard Road and a shopping mecca for families, locals and tourists. Its food court remains one of the busiest attractions however up on the top floors of this mall you will encounter a range of massage parlours all of which offer special services once inside. The rate for this is typically $50 for the massage with a range of services including Handjob/Happy Ending costing +$50, Blowjob +$70 and full sex +$120. The girls whom work in these massage parlours are typically Chinese nationals with a few Thai and Vietnamese as well. There is not much privacy in these small shop units and unlike Peoples Park Complex which we will come to later they will not close the shop.

Walking around the mall you will often see small groups of 2 or 3 freelancers who will congregate near the elevators and escalators to the higher floors looking for foreigners who are wishing to participate in a little more fun during the later hours. These freelancers will typically start their prices off at $200 for full sex at your hotel however this is often reduced to $150 after a short discussion. Thai’s, Filipina’s and Vietnamese will often be found in this area and are generally very friendly and very good value for money.

Lucky Plaza, Orchard Road

Lucky Plaza is a well known mall in Singapore which is incredibly popular and very busy with the Filipino/Filipina community in Singapore. It is for many the place of work, socialise, eat, drink, shop and remit money home to family members in the Philippines. Its not too surprising then that a little bit of the Philippines party culture can be found here in Lucky Plaza in the form of Coyote and Hostess Bars and Pubs.

Whilst the Orchard Towers might be famous for its hostess bars packed with wild, beautiful and daring bar-girls, most will not know that actually Lucky Plaza has some great bars of its own which have some very hot Pinays working and are sure to give you a good time from the moment you arrive until the time you leave. Lucky Plaza is famed for Coyote Ugly which is similar to what you might expect of an American style Coyotes bar. Girls on the bar counter in tight t-shirts, hot pants and boots dancing to a variety of songs- yes that happens and its a great night out but there are other more sexier bars to be found here too.

Lucky Plaza is also home to a number of hostess bars in the mall which are filled with Pinays. These bars cater to both locals, workers and foreigners in the city. The atmosphere inside is always friendly and there are many girls working each night. All come from the Philippines therefore the level of English is high. The lady drinks start at $22 for a single shot of tequila and bar fines are in operation starting at $300 for a long time session back at your hotel. Carina’s Karaoke, Libb, Lazy Corner, Firehouse Tavern and Marissa are all popular venues here in Lucky Plaza.

For those wishing to meet freelancers, there are no real freelancers in the Mall however Sunday (Maid’s day off) is a popular time for expats and tourists to visit the mall during the day to meet some of the very pretty and often shy maids whilst they are doing their weekly shopping and remittances. These girls are often working as housemaids in Singapore for less than $250 US Dollars per month and therefore usually unable to see much of Singapore. Don’t be shy however, these girls are often some of the friendliest you will come to meet in Singapore and an offer of a coffee, lunch or the Pinay favourite of Jollibee will often mean you have a date for the day.

Orchard Towers, Orchard Road

Orchard Towers is amongst one of the most famous or infamous malls in Singapore selling sex. Indeed KTV, Hostess Bars, Freelancers in Nightclubs, Street Hookers and Massage can all be found under one roof and it is a mecca for workers, expats, tourists and locals alike. Located on Orchard Road the entertainment complex known as ‘Four Floors of Whores’ is synonymous with Singapore’s Red Light District. The malls is in an area famous for its shopping, restaurants and hotels therefore it is perfectly positioned for most people who need to find it.

One of the first things you will notice either whilst getting out of the taxi or walking up Orchard Road from the MRT station is the sheer number of Street Hookers which congregate around Orchard Towers once the sun goes down. Overall on an average night you are likely to spot more than 100 handing around Orchard Towers and particularly near the outdoor smoking area or taxi stand. The girls come from all over Asia including Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar, China, Mongolia and more. Therefore there is always a good selection of sexy ladies who are on offer. Some visitors to Orchard Towers rarely make it past this lineup of sexy ladies before they head off again back to the hotel for a night of fun. The girls here often ask for $250 for short time and $500 for long time. Whilst this can be negotiated these are amongst some of the finest and sexiest street hookers you will find anywhere in Asia and the selection in mind-boggling.

There are numerous nightclubs at Orchard Towers of which Ipanema is one of the most well known throughout Singapore. This large club is home to hundreds of freelancers who work the club looking for foreigners and locals every night. The freelancers come from all over Asia and also further afield and can be found from the moment you step inside the club. The most abundant are Indonesians, Filipina’s and Vietnamese and There are no ladydrinks to pay so therefore drinking and chatting is cheaper compared to other bars and hostess clubs in Orchard Towers. For those looking to take on of the girls out of the club and back to the hotel they will typically quote $300 for short time and $500 for long time.

An abundance of Hostess Bars give Orchard Towers its popularity and amongst the many across all 4 floors, Naughty Girl, Downunder Bar, Crazy Horse and Filling Station are amongst the most popular. Here you are able to relax and have company via one of the many beautiful hostess bar girls who will sit, dance or play pool with you. These bars are particularly popular with foreign tourists and businessmen who buy the hostess a lady drink (between $22-$66). In various hostess bars it is possible to bar fine the girls for $300 (short time) to $500 (long time). Each bar will have their own type of staff, in many of the bars you will see all Filipina’s however in other bars it is possible to meet Thais, Vietnamese, Indonesian and even Russian bar girls.

Like many of the ‘Strata Malls’ in Singapore there is a large number of massage shops located all over Orchard Towers. The girls working in these massage shops are very petite and sexy, they are often a little older than in other malls at typically 26-45 years old and almost always Chinese workers. As soon as you enter the proximity of their shop they will start calling out to you for a $50 dollar massage, hand job/happy ending (+$50) blowjob (+$70) or take the full massage sex package is usually $120 on top however it is amongst the cheapest sex in Orchard Towers. Most of these girls open their shops in the early afternoon around 3pm and close at 3am.

Cuppage Plaza, Orchard Road

This is a favourite amongst Japanese businessmen and tourists as there are many KTV’s, Hostess Bars and Massage available within the evening hours of the mall which cater towards Japanese tastes. However do not expect any Japanese women to be present, indeed all the bars and clubs are filled with mainly Chinese, Philippines and Thai girls working the clubs. Shiori Lounge, Aoimori, De Phoenix and VIP are popular Japanese KTV bars here in this mall whilst there are also many bars to drink in, some offering hostesses to keep you entertained during the evening. Some of the girls in the KTV and bars will bar-fine however it is not as common as other malls so you maybe disappointed. To ensure you have a good evening and not wasting money on lady drinks for no reason it is best to let the girl know what you are looking for from the outset, if she is not interested she will usually let to know so you can choose another girl pretty quickly.

Sex is usually available freely within the KTV however for those looking for something a little quicker the massage and spa shops around the mall are a good bet for HJ/BJ or full sex costing from $50 (massage) with extra’s ranging from $50-$120++ depending on the service you are looking for. The massage girls are almost always Chinese and therefore language is usually an issue however hand gestures usually are all that are needed.

People’s Park Complex, Chinatown

Whilst Chinatown is a hub of pubs, bars and KTV there is also sex to be found inside the Mall, specifically People’s Park Complex in Chinatown. Here you will find many Chinese massage parlours which are small enough for a small seating area and a single treatment room. Massage starts at $40 however when discussing your massage requirements you will also be asked if you want extra services and sex. If yes is your answer you will have about 30 minutes for a quick massage, sex and a final blowjob from your massage girl. In total this will cost around $150. Interestingly when you enter and agree for a massage the girl will simple close the shop and sometimes even close the shutter to ensure no prying eyes from outside, in this slightly darker environment you will be able to sample many different types of Chinese girls from 20-45 years old and of all different shapes and sizes. Most will be unable to speak much English so google translate or hand gestures will be the translator of the day.

Golden Mile Complex, Beach Road

Known as little Thailand, the Golden Mile Complex is a busy 24/7 mall which is extremely popular amongst the Thai community. The mall is home to a number of KTV’s- 15 in fact meaning it has one of the highest densities of these adult entertainment venues anywhere in Singapore. The KTV’s either have Chinese or Thai and Vietnamese staff, or in some cases a mix of both. This area of town nestled between Kallang, Lavender and Beach Road means its popular with locals and inquisitive tourists. The KTV’s here are extreme, really extreme, the Thai and Vietnamese are by far the most attractive, engaging and wild. A night in Golden Mile will typically cost between $250 (if no barfines) to $750 if you decide to take a girl home with you after a night in the KTV. If you don’t wish to take the girl back to your hotel then of course various sexual activities take place in the KTV’s.

If you are bringing a girl back to your hotel make sure its Guest Friendly

If you are looking to bring back a bar girl, working girl or someone you just met check our these great Guest & Bar girl Friendly Hotels in Singapore. No joiners fee and hotels are happy to accept unregistered guests day and night!. We have compiled this list using our teams of researchers who have partied across the World to bring you the best places to stay. We have also sourced the best prices from 400 hotel channels and direct from the hotel to give you the very best price. Pack those bags lets explore the very best Bar Girl / Guest Friendly hotels today!

Top Tips When Bringing Someone Back To The Hotel

When you are on holiday or vacation there will be a time when you wish to bring someone back to your hotel. Rather than spend time in the squalor of a short time room you can enjoy the surroundings with these top tips;

  1. Make sure you book your room for 2 people (of the maximum occupancy)- you will benefit from access to the hotel facilities, breakfasts and services for both you and your guest without incurring those additional fee’s.
  2. Use the safe- make sure you store your valuables out of eyesight, Laptops, Keys, Passwords and Money should be deposited into the safe and locked to ensure you don’t loose something. Keep out only the money you are expecting to spend plus a little tip money.
  3. Some hotels will ask for ID from your guest when joining you at the hotel. This is usually noted in a visitors book, in some countries in Asia it is also customary for the hotel to hold onto their ID until they leave. This is both for You and the Hotels safety. The reception or security will often be very nice about it, indeed some will even call the room before they hand back the ID to ensure everything is OK and there is no issues

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