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A Guide To Singapore KTV

Singapore is home to some of the wildest KTV bars in Asia. Located all around the city these lounges may at first seem a little too alien to Western visitors however fear not, booze money and sex are all easily translatable in a KTV bar. If you have ever seen the many KTV clubs in Singapore, you might have thought about what goes on inside of them. Seeing the beautiful women hanging around the places only makes you more curious. As you might have guessed, in many cases you can actually have some of the craziest girls and wildest nights parties and even sex in Singapore’s’ KTV clubs. You just have to know where to go and what to do.

What is KTV

You can find KTV all over Singapore. Usually they spell the word “KTV” right out in English letters on their signs. If we want to know what these places are, we should first figure out what KTV stands for. It is actually pretty easy to discern. KTV just means “Karaoke television.” Karaoke is the art of singing along with music. In its modern form, it comes from Japan. That’s why the Japanese word “karaoke” is used instead of something in English like “group sing along.” The television part is pretty self explanatory. The lyrics are shown on a television screen and played along with the music.

Where can you find KTV in Singapore

KTV Pubs, Clubs and Lounges are located throughout the city state, in shophouses, malls, hotels and purpose built complexes. The are usually very brightly coloured in neons against the night sky so usually unmissable however this gem of a red light industry is thriving in Singapore and home to some of the best KTV entertainment venues in Asia.


Located around the official redlight district of Geylang a number of popular KTV clubs exist, catering to local and Chinese clientele these large clubs often have 50+ girls working every night with clubs usually closing around 2am.

Jalan Besar

A popular area featuring a mix of Vietnamese, Thai and Chinese KTV’s located on Jalan Besar and Foch Road these bars often have a small intimate pub area downstairs with very social drinking and private KTV rooms upstairs. Prices are often competitively priced and the bars and pubs are open from early afternoon until around 1am. Club LA, Hoomiko, New World and 格格宫殿 Ge Ge Ktv are all very popular and often fully booked.


A number of popular KTV’s can be found in Bugis area which are usually larger purpose built entertainment venues with bigger rooms catering towards larger groups. Often 80+ girls per KTV venue are to be found within these establishments coming from all over as including China, Taiwan, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Philippines. Manekiniko, Blackbox and Hong Kong Palace are among many popular locations in this area.


Orchard has numerous KTV’s located around Orchard Road, Somerset and Orchard Towers. These establishments are generally very luxurious and feature dance shows, beauty pageants plus singing. Overall these venues often have more than 100+ girls every night with the majority coming from China, Vietnam and Thailand. The venues are welcoming to guest whether a regular visitor, local or a tourist experiencing the KTV for the first time. Pandora, Sakamichi and Supreme are amongst the most well known KTV’s in Singapore and offer a very entertaining night.


As you would expect Chinatown has a large and diverse selection of KTV bars, lounges and clubs ranging from very small intimate venues to extremely large megaclubs. KTV is big business here in Chinatown and often it is home to some of the most beautiful (and expensive) ladies from China you will meet here in Singapore. The Crystabelle, 1819, Victoria, Havana and Party World are amongst the most popular. Chinatown is home to over 30 KTV bars meaning there is plenty of choice.

Little India

Jollymama, Dynasty Classic, Galaxy and Harmony are amongst the most popular venues in Little India and are busy with clientelle from accross Asia. The girls also come from across Asia such as China, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam with some having beautiful Nepalese singers and dancers performing.

KTV Girls

KTV’s are home to some of the most beautiful women working in the Red Light District, these are professional entertainers and work extremely hard to ensure every customer has a good experience within the bar. Whether chatting, singing or any other activity these are some of the most versatile women in the industry and Singapore is home to the best in Asia.

Typically when entering a KTV you will see the full range of staff working- either via a lineup of women of which you choose which ones you wish to spend your time and money with or alternatively some of the smaller bars have a KTV Girls board outside their establishment which is viewed throughout the day and night by those interested in who is working. In Singapore there are girls from all over Asia who come to work in the large number of bars and clubs throughout the city state.

In terms of nationalities you will find many coming from China, Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia, these are often very demure sometimes a little shy to start but are very good to have a party with. In the KTV’s which have Filipina’s and Indonesians then the party is started as soon as you step foot inside the building with touch, kissing and fondling happening before the first song is played. Filipina’s and Indonesian are usually the wilder girls so if this is what you are looking for then you will be sure to be exhausted before you finish your allotted time.


Some guides will tell you Singapore is very reserved when it comes to KTV compared to China, Vietnam and Thailand. This is completely incorrect and often Singapore is home to some of the wildest parties to be found anywhere in Asia. The mix of cultures, free flowing liquor and abundance of money means the parties are often wild, sexually charged and drunken affairs wherever you decide to visit in Singapore- Don’t believe me? then check out this great video from one of the many KTV’s in Geylang which shows what really happens behind closed doors.

Entering a KTV for the first time

The KTV bars and pubs employ the most pretty girls will all be wearing the same style outfit. Typically a dress. It seems like the classier places have the girls wearing long gowns. The girls will all be made up, and smiling. Every time that I go through these kinds of lines, I end up getting a great big grin on my face. The girls see this and start giggling, whispering to themselves, and smiling back. All of the girls are stunning in their appearance and attitude towards customers.

The manager or mamasan will then direct the girls usually to perform a line up of all the available girls in the bar or club for you to choose from, how many you choose is up to you and its not been unheard of for a 10 girl to 1 customer ratio for some of the customers who visit. Ask questions to the mamasan, level of English, Mandarin etc etc and what you are looking for, they are here to ensure you have a good time so will try to ensure you have the right girls in the room with you during your party. You will also be asked if you wish to stay in the central lounge/bar area of wish to have a private room. These rooms will be charged on an hourly basis and will not usually include the charge or fee for the girls.

After you file though this gauntlet, you will be led to your room. The rooms have as few moving parts as possible. A big long couch lining the back wall, a couple of marble tables, a few TV’s in the front of the room (and one in the back at a more luxurious KTV lounges) and one computer. They also have a wall panel in which you can control the temperature, the lighting (you can choose normal lighting, crazy dance lighting–disco ball, flashing lights, etc–or very dark) and the volume.

The KTV staff will wheel in a shopping cart and set up all the snacks and booze for you. This will be the bottles of liquor, the mixers, the cups.

How long to party

In general, all KTV’s work within a certain set of hours. For all KTV’s, whether they are business or family KTV’s, you pay in advance. You pay for the room in a set number of hours. In short, you rent the room for a certain numbers of hours, and once your time is up the computer locks itself and you cannot choose any more songs. When that happens, the waiters will come in and start cleaning up. If you STILL don’t get the hint, which happens at times, they turn on the lights and eventually a manger or someone comes in and harasses you until you leave.

In Singapore the KTV’s are open from early afternoon (2/3pm) and stay open all night, and we would leave at around 3am. Smaller cities might shut down earlier, between 12 midnight and 2am being the norm for some of the smaller bars or ones near residential properties. This is not a problem with KTV’s, as eventually you do want to go to your room to chill and have a decidedly different kind of party there.

How much will a party in a KTV cost?

This is dependant on how much you are willing to pay and for how long. Singapore is notoriously expensive for alcohol so KTV in Singapore is much more expensive than Indonesia or Philippines in many regards and is usually similarly priced to the more upmarket establishments in China. Unlike many other countries in the region however there will often be a afternoon happy hour session which means you can lower your bill substantially by about 20%-40% during these times. Its best to also call in advance and book a room if partying on a Friday or Saturday night as many of the rooms are often fully booked if you come on the day.

Including room hire, lady charges (for her time in the room with you) and alcohol a typical bill is between $500 – $1500 ($ Singapore Dollar) for a two hour session per person which is expensive compared to bars in Orchard Towers however your paying for quality, privacy and one very crazy party.

Top KTV girl friendly hotels in Singapore

If you are looking to bring back a KTV bar girl then check our these great bar girl Friendly Hotels in Singapore. No joiners fee and hotels are happy to accept unregistered guests day and night!. We have compiled this list using our teams of researchers who have partied across the World to bring you the best places to stay. We have also sourced the best prices from 400 hotel channels and direct from the hotel to give you the very best price. Pack those bags lets explore the very best Bar Girl / Guest Friendly hotels today!

The Red Light Guide

Top tips when bringing a KTV girl back to your hotel.

When you are on business travel or vacation there will be a time when you wish to bring someone back to your hotel. Enjoy your time with these top tips;

  1. Make sure you book your room for 2 people (of the maximum occupancy)- you will benefit from access to the hotel facilities, breakfasts and services for both you and your guest without incurring those additional fee’s.
  2. Use the safe- make sure you store your valuables out of eyesight, Laptops, Keys, Passwords and Money should be deposited into the safe and locked to ensure you don’t loose something. Keep out only the money you are expecting to spend plus a little tip money.
  3. Some hotels will ask for ID from your guest when joining you at the hotel. This is usually noted in a visitors book, in some countries in Asia it is also customary for the hotel to hold onto their ID until they leave. This is both for You and the Hotels safety. The reception or security will often be very nice about it, indeed some will even call the room before they hand back the ID to ensure everything is OK and there is no issues

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