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#Covid19 Asia’s Red Light District Update

The Covid-19 Coronvirus outbreak is have a significant effect on all Red Light Districts in Asia. With countries closing borders and a huge reduction in flights operating we look to see which destinations are open and which ones have closed due to the outbreak.

Thailand (Closed)

A number of Red Light Districts including Phuket and Pattaya were complaining of a drop in high season arrivals as early as November 2019 where the bars, clubs and massage were surprisingly empty. With the arrival of Covid-19 and the announcement by the Thai Authorities of a restriction further on travel it seems the neon lights and huge workforce within the sex industry will be heading home to the countryside for a while.

Bangkok (Closed)

Status- Closed
The adult entertainment areas of Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza and others have now closed due to government regulation prohibiting people from congregating together. The restrictions which are currently scheduled to the early part of April 2020 are now being further enforced with a 7pm to 7am curfew. All bars, Go Go, Massage and restaurants are to close however a number of escort services are still enabling girls to come to your hotel. Absolute Angeles Bangkok amongst others still have girls working, such as this stunning member of staff.

Pattaya (Closed)

Status- Closed
Like all of Thailand the Red Light District of Pattaya is closed with almost no tourists or expats in town. All bars and restaurants have been closed which is expected to last until April 2020. A few massage shops are still open (whilst having the shutter down) however these too are increasingly being forced to close.

Phuket / Patong (Closed)

Status- Closed
Patong was complaining of a very slow high season in November 2019- long before Covid-19 arrived in Thailand. As a results on the restrictions of travel Patong has been exceptionally hard hit with almost no expats of tourists in the town. All bars, Go Go’s and most hotels are now closed until further notice.

Vietnam (Closed)

Ho Chi Minh City / Saigon

Status- Closed
The Ho Chi Minh Municipal People’s Committee decided to close all entertainment establishments, including cinemas, bars, game shops, and clubs from March 18 to March 31 to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Cambodia (Partially Closed)

Cambodia remains one of the few countries in the region to keep its borders open to foreigners, this includes a number of international flights per day from Malaysia, Middle East and China.

Phnom Penh

Status-Partially Closed
The area’s of Street 13-/136 along Riverside which have traditionally been home to many of the hostess and GoGo bars in Phnom Penh remain open officially however a number have shut due to the low numbers of expats in the area. Currently the bars which are open are operating at a ratio of 20 girls for every customer so we are not sure how long this will continue to last for.

Philippines (Closed)

The whole of the Philippines is currently in lockdown affecting Manila, Angeles, Subic, Palawan, Puerto Galera and Cebu. All bars, restaurants and most of the hotels are currently closed until early April 2020 at the earliest. All international flights are currently cancelled until further notice.

Singapore (Closed)

Update: Bars & Clubs will be closing from 26th March 2020 2359hrs and will be closed until 30th April 2020. The brothel houses in Geylang will also be closed with no information currently available on when these businesses will be op

Indonesia (Closed)

Japan (Closed)

All Red Light Districts in Tokyo (Kabukicho), Osaka, Sappuro and elsewhere are currently closed due to restrictions imposed by the Government to limit social interaction.

Korea (Closed)

Korea has imposed strict social distancing measures and has closed many bars and restaurants. In Seoul there are still fun times to be had on Hooker Hill however many of the KTV’s and Massage are currently closed.

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