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Dunk Shot Angeles City – The only nude show in Angeles

Dunk Shot, S.l. Orosa Street, Diamond Subdivision, Balibago, Angeles City

Well as some of you may or may not know nudity is pretty much off the menu unless you venture into a brothel, spa or head back to your hotel room with a beautiful spinner. Well thats not entirely true, there is somewhere in Angeles which goes to new levels however its not for the the faint-hearted!

Dunk Shot is in the Balibago district just off the MacArthur Highway which runs through Angeles City and runs past the bottom of Walking Street. It is virtually unknown by foreigners expect those expats, bar managers (foreign) and a few hardcore mongers. But whilst it is unknown it is the only nude bar in Angeles. However there are a few things you need to know before you believe this to be anything like any of the bars in Angeles City;

What to know before you go.

  1. This bar is predominantly for rich Filipino’s, whilst you may see the majority of the crowd in Flip-Flops this is the sort of place of which you will meet a variety of interesting characters from the worlds of politics, banking and the seedier underground gangs on the Philippines.
  2. There is a 2 drink minimum
  3. No Camera’s You will have your cell-phone removed from you at security on the way in, you will be thoroughly searched by security on your way in.
  4. There is no promotional girls on the outside of the building, just a single solitary neon sign showing you have arrived at the spot.
  5. Do not expect western music to be blasting inside, this is a Filipino bar and therefore you will have a mix of everything, including the odd bit of Karaoke thrown in for good measure.
  6. It is a large place with seating and tables for approximately 60 people and it does get busy, if you want a good spot best to arrive before 9pm and sit at the front.
  7. Its dark, don’t expect to see who is around you, your focus is on the stage only, even the waiters are holding torches to see where to put the beers.
  8. Fully nude bar- yes the girl will start her dance set usually walking back and forth from the back wall which is mirrored to the front of the stage and then do some floor work, many of the girls working are some of the finest examples of beautiful Filipina’s you will find, toned, fair skin and most have a killer sense of humour.

So you are maybe thinking a locals gangster bar maybe not the best place to spend your evening however you would be wrong, this place is a great night to spend away from Walking Street in Angeles and for those who like a fully-nude show then you will have a thoroughly enjoyable evening. The drinks are fairly priced at 110 peso for a beer, 170 for a spirit and mixer and a ladydrink will cost 300 peso.

The girls who are working are some of the most attractive in Angeles, seeing them in their birthday suit shaking their ass in front of 50 locals and a lone foreigner was certainly a new experience. When trying to get their attending (did i mention its pitch black inside) its best to become good friends with your waiter, he will call the girl over who now will be clothed in a skimpy outfit and some killer heels. The girls working at the bar come from all over the Philippines with girls from Mindanao, Visaya’s and those who are local too. Some of the younger looking girls are students (18+) at the local Angeles Universities.

During the conversation the girls do mention upstairs rooms which are not really worth bothering with, there is no action apart from drinking which takes place in them, they all overlook the stage and therefore if there is a few of you then you can take a room and have a private drinking session, however no business is conducted on the premises. However there also seems to be no bar-fine system in place. But that doesn’t mean they will not come back to your room, in fact the moment the conversation moves to travel around the Philippines or indeed the hotel you are staying at then they will often offer to accompany you (all for a small tip).

As a foreigner in a Filipino bar you are looked as a little oddity however don’t let that put you off, the bar despite the mixed crowd is surprisingly friendly and the girls are happy to engage in some short or long time action outside of the bar the moment they finish work.

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