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H1 KTV Batam Indonesia

Located approximately 20 minutes by taxi from the central Nagoya area H1 KTV is probably the best looking and best fitted KTV in Batam. The quality of the furnishings and relaxed nature of the bar area were certainly its highlights for me. Connected to the Hokkie Hotel complex which is a standard class hotel with simple yet clean rooms from as little as $10 USD per night with facilities such as a Gym and Massage it is certainly an interesting place to visit whilst your in Batam.

Hold on… no girls..

During my visit there were no girls working, probably my first visit to a KTV where you bring your own party however this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, with an abundance of beauties in many of the bars, malls and cafes around the city it is easy to get a few friends together for a relaxing yet intimate time without all the usual hassles of lady drinks and more.

Do they ever have girls?

Yes, apparently groups of girls work the KTV on 3 month temporary contracts but generally come from Jakarta or Java to work in the KTV bar, whilst it was ‘between contracts’ when I visited I would certainly recommend calling in advance if you are coming alone.


With 22 individual rooms and a main bar area the KTV was big enough to accommodate groups from 3 to 20+ people in the variety of rooms available. All the rooms were immaculately clean and were fitted with a good quality KTV video/projector/sound and lighting set up ensuring a good night to be had by all.


By Indonesian standards they were mid-range priced with a beer or soft drink costing 65,000 INR and bottle service starting at 1,800,000 for a bottle of Jack Daniels. Room hire was free which is highly unusual for this part of Asia. No entrance fee and payment in cash or card. Should you wish to bring a few of your favourite friends from your bar of choice then add 500,000 to 1,000,000 INR per friend for their appropriate rates depending upon what you night has planned.

Return for another visit?

Yes, possibly the most relaxed, cleanest and best kitted KTV bar in Batam (and the wider region) no hassle or hustle meant it was the perfect place for those wishing to have a chilled night. The proximity and location of the hotel next door makes perfect sense for those wishing to retire from belting songs to your room relatively quickly.

Hokkie Hotel

The Hokkie Hotel is a new build hotel in Punggur, a very quiet located further south in the island and approximately 25 minutes by taxi from the Nagoya Entertainment District with fares ranging on GoJek and Grab between 80,000 – 115,000 INR depending upon the time of day. The hotel itself is a very clean hotel compared to many others on the island with a powerful shower and removed from the usual hassles of the downtown area.

Travelling to Batam

Those looking to explore Batam generally take the ferry (45 minutes) from Singapore Harbourfront to Harbour Bay or Batam Centre at a cost of $50 SGD for a return ticket. When flying most fly into Singapore Changi Airport due to its far superior flight connections and prices. There is an airport on the island which primarily serves domestic flights with Garuda and Lion Air.

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