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How Much for Girls & Drinks in Red Light areas of Manila?

So you have found an “entertainment” areas, located some bars you like, and obviously maybe one or two girls you are interested in- you are probably also curious about what the prices are like.

As with all destinations in Asia it depends on the type of bar: In the bikini bars you’ll pay 140-160 Pesos for a beer, 250-390 Pesos for a lady drink and 1,500-3,000 Pesos for the bar fine not including the price for sex with the girl (that’s another tip of 1,000-3,000 Pesos and needs to be negotiated separately). EDSA is more on the cheaper end, P Burgos Street more on the more expensive end, and Ermita somewhere in between. Again the girls don’t get naked anymore but if you buy them a drink then you can touch them. That’s like the unspoken rule.

If you go into a sports bar the standard price for a cool San Miguel is 70-90 Pesos. Pool billiard games are generally 20 Pesos, except in LA Café where they charge depending on the time played (up to 100 Pesos if the game takes longer than 22 minutes!).

Things are quite different in the KTVs of Malate’s red light district where they charge 400-500 Pesos per 1-2 hours unlimited drinking, plus 300 Pesos per girl (no time limit) and 300 Pesos per lady drink. Yes, that will be significantly more expensive than elsewhere, but then the girls are usually very attractive, white skinned, young etc.

If you pay the bar fine for a girl then the price (for example 3,000 Pesos) doesn’t include her tip. Normally a reasonable amount you should give is 500 Pesos, but they tend to ask for much more especially on P Burgos Street where they quote you something like 2,000 or even 3,000 Pesos. But seriously, only if her service was outstanding you should think about giving that much.

In fact, you are not required to tip at all, it’s totally up to you and if she’s just lying on your bed while expecting a round of missionary before leaving after 30 minutes you might not want to give any extra at all. But then maybe they don’t go with you in the first place if you don’t commit to paying them a certain tip.

It’s always a good idea to talk with the girl you are considering to bar fine in terms of what you expect from her (like if you want her to give you a blow job you should definitely talk about that before), how many rounds you want to have and how long you would like her to stay with you.

Note that there is no dress code at any of the girly bars in Manila. Means you are welcome to enter with a sleeveless San Mig shirt, shorts and flip flops. And there’s also no admission fee at the bars – but you obviously need to pay for drinks to stay, watch and enjoy.

Of course Manila’s red light districts have more to offer than just girly bars maybe one of the thousands of freelancers, happy ending massages, soapy massages, ladyboys etc might tempt you into buying more than drinks.

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