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Meeting Girls in Coron, Palawan Island

Coron is famed for its natural beauty and is a popular destination for foreigners and Filipinos alike. However here in Coron there are less bars and “open-minded” girls than in Puerto Princesa or El Nido. There are however still a number of places in Coron to meet beautiful Pinays during your stay.

No Name Bar 

has made itself a name during the last 6 years, it has the best ratings on Google and that’s why it is usually the busiest bar in Coron. You can find a mix of tourists, expats on holiday as well as Filipinos here. Whilst its a busy bar there are often a couple of local girls drinking in the bar usually with friends. Being such a friendly country it is usually no problems to sit with them and get to know the locals. This however is by no means a pick-up bar and there is no pay-to-play so if you get lucky it will maybe cost you a trike fare in the morning.

Island Boy Grill

Island Boy Grill is by far one of the most popular evening entertainment places in Coron primarily for locals. There is a mix of great food, numerous local girls and a live band which really gives the place a chilled out atmosphere. Like No Name the place does not employ bar-girls however there are often plenty of locals to chat to. There is a number of special nights organised by the bar which attract a large number of Student (University/College) and young professionals so its always best to keep an eye on upcoming dates in the diary. If you already have company with you then this is a great place to kick back and chill for an evening with very low cost of food and beer and a great atmosphere.

Hard Rock Mega Disco Bar, Coron

Hard Rock Mega Disco Bar is probably the only place in Coron to find some real entertainment Hard Rock employs some of the hottest girls in Coron to work as dancers and it shows. The talent is better in this bar than any other in Coron and the girls are usually shocked to meet a foreigner and usually go the extra mile to ensure you have a special time. The bar-fine system here is rather complicated and changes regularly however the Dancers are often happy to follow you back to your hotel for some fund for the rest of the evening and well into the morning.

Whilst the bar is frequented by mainly locals it means a cheaper night out in Coron with beers costing 60 Peso and no real system of ladydrinks. The girls often head out of the bar for short time costing 2000 peso and long time costing 3000 peso however this is obviously subject to age and beauty of the Pinay you are talking to. To enjoy the best of the action its best to arrive by 9pm to ensure you have a good seating area close to the stage for the many dance shows and also for the best view of the girls on display.

Top Guest Friendly Hotels in Coron

If you are looking to bring back a bar girl, working girl or someone you just met check our these great Guest & Bar girl Friendly Hotels in Coron Palawan Island, Philippines. No joiners fee and hotels are happy to accept unregistered guests day and night!. We have compiled this list using our teams of researchers who have partied across the World to bring you the best places to stay. We have also sourced the best prices from 400 hotel channels and direct from the hotel to give you the very best price. Pack those bags lets explore the very best Bar Girl / Guest Friendly hotels today!

Top Tips When Bringing Someone Back To The Hotel

When you are on holiday or vacation there will be a time when you wish to bring someone back to your hotel. Rather than spend time in the squalor of a short time room you can enjoy the surroundings with these top tips;

  1. Make sure you book your room for 2 people (of the maximum occupancy)- you will benefit from access to the hotel facilities, breakfasts and services for both you and your guest without incurring those additional fee’s.
  2. Use the safe- make sure you store your valuables out of eyesight, Laptops, Keys, Passwords and Money should be deposited into the safe and locked to ensure you don’t loose something. Keep out only the money you are expecting to spend plus a little tip money.
  3. Some hotels will ask for ID from your guest when joining you at the hotel. This is usually noted in a visitors book, in some countries it is also customary for the hotel to hold onto their ID until they leave. This is both for You and the Hotels safety. The reception or security will often be very nice about it, indeed some will even call the room before they hand back the ID to ensure everything is OK and there is no issues

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