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Meeting Girls in El Nido, Palawan

El Nido is probably one of the quietest areas in Palawan however it is still possible to meet local Pinays whilst on vacation here. There are a small number of popular bars, KTV’s and restobars in El Nido which ensure you will never be without a date or some company. Surprisingly for the Philippines there is also more chance of hooking up with the many Western tourists who frequent this part of the Philippines.

Pukka Bar

Pukka Bar is where most tourists go on most nights. This reggae style bar has the perfect location right by the beach. You may be lucky and see some Filipina girls on holiday in there, but usually it’s 90% foreigners and also some foreign guys with their Filipina girlfriends. Drinks prices here are amongst some of the most expensive in El Nido however it has a good atmosphere most nights.

SAVA Beach Bar

SAVA Beach Bar is probably one of the best beach bars in El Nido and probably in Palawan for that matter. Its chilled out vibes and great service is backed up by some hot freelancers who work this bar looking for rich tourists looking for a taste of paradise. Whilst not cheap the freelancers often command 4000 pesos for long time which is expensive for the Philippines however due to the distinct lack of working girls the prices are a little more expensive. This bar is perfect for those looking to bring a date or find a date. Arrive at 6pm to experience some of the best sunset parties in the Philippines.

Tuko El Nido

Tuko is another reggae style beach bar however it is unfortunately not the place to meet beautiful Pinays as there is a type of policy which prevents locals from entering. Sadly it is more likely you will end up hooking up with a fresh out of college backpacker from the US, Australia or Europe (Which maybe your thing!).

Maremegmeg Beach Bar

Maremegmeg Beach Bar is a high end bar often frequented by celebrities and the middle classes from Manila. It is a great bar offering superb sunset parties and a very good atmosphere which is amongst the most welcoming on the island. The bar is well stocked and has just about every spirit i could think of. There are plenty of chances to meet up with Pinays here in Maremegmeg. Often most are escaping the chaos of the city and so therefore a holiday romance or two could be on the cards. Together with SAVA these two bars represent the very best nightlife in El Nido.

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