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Meeting Girls in Puerto Princesa

The majority of visitors who travel to Puerto Princesa usually have a travelling companion with them, therefore you will find that the number of red light entertainment venues is nothing like Cebu, Manila or Angeles- However that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go. Puerto Princes has a number of venues to visit which offer Bar Girls. These girls often do not see foreign travellers whether from across Asia or Western Travellers. Therefore you will always receive a warm welcome and wandering hands when you enter. Therefore lets explore these bars and where best to spend your lazy evenings.

Bavaria 54 

Bavaria 54 is the most popular bar in Puerto Princesa. Located on Malvar Road near the airport, you cannot miss it: The bright and colorful neon lights attract the attention of every single guy walking down this street. It’s officially a KTV, but nothing like you may know from Cebu or Manila – not the rip offs that mainly cater to rich Korean men. The atmosphere is much more relaxed here, and you can watch the girls dancing and there is a weekly pole dancing evening which is a very good night of entertainment and fun. The girls are all very friendly and the rules are very flexible so if you wish to take one home for a full night of fun then bar fines are available. There are often a number of foreign expats in the bar so the friendly atmosphere is sure to welcome you back regularly.

Phoenix KTV 

Phoenix KTV is the oldest girly bar in Puerto Princesa (since 1999). It’s run by a Taiwanese expat and his Filipina wife. Therefore, it’s more popular among Asian men and not so much among Westerners, many of whom go back to Bavaria every night of their stay. It’s probably got something to do with the slightly higher prices here.

Chez Rose Beach Bar

Located in Baragay San Pedro Puerto Princesa the Chez Rose Beach Bar is becoming one of the most popular places to hang out in Puerto Princesa. Indeed its the only white beach bar & restaurant in Puerto Princesa City where you can chill during the day & enjoy lots of live entertainment at night! The staff are some of the most entertaining you will find and after 10pm the party becomes even wilder. Some of the staff will be happy to bar fine and these girls are eager to please and will give you a great time during your visit to Palawan. Beers at 80 Peso’s and ladydrinks at 180 pesos it is also one of the best value for money in the island.

Redbox KTV

Located on Baltan Street this busy KTV is popular amongst locals and tourists with all being welcome. The KTV has a busy seating area outside and a more interesting drinking area inside. Don’t expect air-conditioning and it can become a little hot and humid inside however this just adds to the local flavour. The range of girls who work in the bar is generally of a high standard- all the girls speak a good level of English and are very happy to entertain you in the bar and also at your hotel should you wish. With cheap prices and a very friendly atmosphere this is probably one of the best undiscovered bars for tourists to meet with local girls in Puerto Princesa.

Check out some local bars too

Equus is a newer girly bar that’s mostly popular among the Filipino guys. Strangely though, the prices for lady drinks and bar fines are the same like in Bavaria (see below for the price info).

And if you want some more “authentic” nightlife, then you can head out to Pineda Road, where you will find a few smaller bars such as Rebay Videoke Bar. The girls there can be really fun and nice, because they don’t get to see as many foreigners as the ladies in the bars in downtown.

Girly Bar’s & KTV Prices

Bavaria 54 charge 80 Pesos for local beers and 250 Pesos for lady drinks. If you want to have sex with one of these girls, then you can pay their bar fine of 3,000-4,000 Pesos (depending on how young and confident she is). That’s the price for long time, means the whole night.

Chez Rose is a little cheaper at 80 Pesos for local beers and 180 Pesos for lady drinks. If you want to have sex with one of these girls, then you can pay their bar fine of 3,000-3,500 Pesos (long time) however the band members and dancers also could be available for the right price.

If you go to Phoenix KTV, it’s slightly more expensive, and if you go to the bars on Pineda Road, it’s slightly cheaper than that. But generally you can say: You get what you pay for.

Local KTV’s you will find which cater more towards the local crowd will often be doing drinks promotions at 5+1 free at 60 peso’s per local beer. The lady drinks in the local KTV’s vary from 150-200 peso per drink and if you wish to take them out then you will pay typically 2000 pesos for short time and 3000-3500 for long time. Whilst quality often varies from one establishment to another the service you will receive from these bar girls in the local KTV’s is often much higher.

Nightclubs in Puerto Princesa

The most popular night club in Puerto Princesa is Tiki Restobar. Tiki Restobar is conveniently located in the town center, on the corner of Rizal Ave and Fernandez Street. It’s famous for its live music every night that features hot and local Palawan girls dancing and singing on stage. It also attracts some of the most beautiful girls from town – if the young people want to party, they usually go to Tiki (both regular girls with ordinary day jobs, students or hookers). Here you will be certain to hook up with a beautiful Filipina as they are all here in abundance.

Prices: There is an entrance fee of 100 Pesos, which includes a free beer or ice tea. Otherwise you pay 70 Pesos for local beers, 90 Pesos for imported beers and 150-200 Pesos for spirits. The freelance hookers in the bar will often charge 2000 peso’s for short time and 3000 for long time. Some of the beauties here in Tiki Bar are not pay-to-play and therefore a night of fun with a local is easily had.

Street Hookers / Prostitutes

If you walk around the dark spots of Rizal Avenue or Don Pedro Vicente Park from about 10pm, you will be able to find some prostitutes standing around on the streets. They are waiting for quick and easy customers for short time. They are obviously not as attractive as in the bars, and there are also some ladyboys among them, but you never know. Short time is approximately 1000 peso’s and long time would be 1500-2000 peso’s.

Guest Friendly Hotels

If you are looking to bring back a bar girl, working girl or someone you just met check our these great Guest & Bar girl Friendly Hotels in Puerto Princesa, Palawan Island, Philippines. No joiners fee and hotels are happy to accept unregistered guests day and night!. We have compiled this list using our teams of researchers who have partied across the World to bring you the best places to stay. We have also sourced the best prices from 400 hotel channels and direct from the hotel to give you the very best price. Pack those bags lets explore the very best Bar Girl / Guest Friendly hotels today!

Top Tips When Bringing Someone Back To The Hotel

When you are on holiday or vacation there will be a time when you wish to bring someone back to your hotel. Rather than spend time in the squalor of a short time room you can enjoy the surroundings with these top tips;

  1. Make sure you book your room for 2 people (of the maximum occupancy)- you will benefit from access to the hotel facilities, breakfasts and services for both you and your guest without incurring those additional fee’s.
  2. Use the safe- make sure you store your valuables out of eyesight, Laptops, Keys, Passwords and Money should be deposited into the safe and locked to ensure you don’t loose something. Keep out only the money you are expecting to spend plus a little tip money.
  3. Some hotels will ask for ID from your guest when joining you at the hotel. This is usually noted in a visitors book, in some countries it is also customary for the hotel to hold onto their ID until they leave. This is both for You and the Hotels safety. The reception or security will often be very nice about it, indeed some will even call the room before they hand back the ID to ensure everything is OK and there is no issues

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