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Orchard Towers Massage

Orchard Towers Massage & Spa's rates and reviews

Orchard Towers is one of the premier destinations for massage and spa services in Singapore. Known widely amongst the locals, expats and tourists it is one of the main red light destinations in Singapore.

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Amongst the bustle of Orchard Towers with numerous bars, pubs and clubs there are also a number of massage shops in the notorious four floors of whores which attract locals, expats and tourists year round. So lets review the massage services on offer in Orchard Towers!

The Massage Girls

It is increasingly rare to find local Singaporean’s working in the massage industry, indeed most of the massage girls in Orchard Towers come from China, Taiwan and Vietnam. Many speak Mandarin, Cantonese and English and are very good at hustling in any language you may speak. The massage girls are primarily between 23-35 years old and are usually in Singapore on an approved work permit for a time limited period. There is a huge range and approximately 30 massage shops in the towers located on all floors. The higher the floors the quieter to local surrounding are.

Vietnamese massage girl standing at door of her massage booth in Orchard Towers Singapore
A Vietnamese massage girl standing in the doorway to her shop calling customers.

The Services

Like many places in Singapore there is an initial $50 SGD fee for a massage which is uniformly advertised by all massage shops within the towers, once inside the door you can negotiate the services which you wish to use, 1 girl, 2 girls, body to body, oil, blow job, hand job, sex and more can all be negotiated for a price. Nothing which you may discuss is particular taboo. However do not expect this to be a long massage, typically the massage will last only 5 to 10 minutes with things quickly progressing to the additional services which you have agreed. Usually you will spend between 30-50 minutes in the small shops.

The Costs

There is an initial $50 massage fee however costs for additional services range between the different girls. Typically massage and handjob will cost $100, massage with blowjob will cost you around $150 and full service will start at $200 however it has been known that some will charge up to $350 for full service with some special requests.

As with all services, it is vital you agree the service and the price before entering, if you are uncomfortable then you should walk away before any of the massage begins, remember you are the customer.

Interestingly the massage and spa businesses in Singapore’s Orchard Towers now also accept credit and debit card with an additional admin fee of 10% if you find yourself a little short of cash.

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