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Orchard Towers Singapore

Famous or Infamous depending upon who you speak too everybody who is looking for freelancers, bargirls, ladyboys or a sexy massage will know, have heard or will be a regular at Orchard Towers. Located on the busy shopping district of Orchard Road- Orchard Towers is four floors of Pubs, Bars, Nightclubs & KTV’s providing some very hot girls from across Asia.

Over the years Orchard Towers has had its ups and downs however most of the bars remain and have a steady stream of foreign staff to support the various activities in the bars. Staff from Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Russia often provide bar girl services, whilst a huge number of nightly freelancers from all over Asia and sometimes further afield will party the night away with you. When in Orchard Towers you will always remember your in Singapore as a night partying in Orchard Towers is not cheap with a beer costing $12 SGD and a lady drink can cost an eye-watering $44 SGD minimum. It ranks amongst the most expensive red-light area in Asia however for those wishing to pay the night can be one of the safest and fun across Asia.

Ipanema World Music Bar

2nd Floor, Orchard Towers, 400 Orchard Road, Singapore

By far the most popular venue in Orchard Towers and for good reason, not only is it home to the hottest freelancers in Singapore its has hundreds of them each night arriving. These girls are pure freelancers, not working for the club but are the creme-de la creme of Singapore’s hookers. Always dressed in high heels and a beautiful dress they are often residents of Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia and come to Ipanema due to the fantastic music and (more importantly) the selection of Western and Asian Gentlemen.

When entering for the first time you pay for your first drink of the night on the door and will then receive a stamp on the arm by the friendly security which will allow you to come and go as you please throughout the night. Whilst the bar is open from 8pm it usually starts to get busy about 10pm until the early hours. The musical entertainment is provided by a range of bands which are all good and cover tracks from the 80’s until present day. The huge space of the club compared to all other bars in the towers really allow you to search for your freelancer of choice for the evening, find a comfy sofa, bar stool or head to the smoking room which overlooks the main bar to start the inevitable conversation. Typically $300-$500 SGD short time (1 shot) to $800-$1000 (overnight) would be the typical going rate however some charge more.

Crazy Horse

4th Floor, Orchard Towers, 400 Orchard Road, Singapore

Unlike Ipanema- Crazy Horse does not have freelancers, but it does have at least 30 beautiful girls and ladyboys from across Asia working every night. With a podium area with at least 4 people gyrating, and a large number of girls welcoming guests into the club the Crazy Horse is a friendly bar perfect to meet girls and ladyboys from Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. The club starts to get busy after 10pm with the partying not stopping until after 3am most nights. Whilst a beer will cost $14 SGD during happy hour and lady drinks starting at approximately $30 SGD for the smallest it is a good stop on your tour of Orchard Towers. For those looking for ladyboys often they are barfined from here and taken on a night of partying across Singapore (much cheaper than paying for lady drinks).

1st Floor, Orchard Towers, 400 Orchard Road, Singapore

Filipina bargirls and Filipino Bands this bar certainly has a special and unique staff filled with many beauties. All can speak very good English and the relaxed atmosphere of the bar making it a favourite amongst happy hour drinkers. The prices for drinks and lady drinks are comparable compared to many in the Orchard Towers area however what sets bar apart is the beauty many of the stunning girls have, most are available for barfines which make it a perfect one stop shop if you are looking for a great Filipina Spinner for the night.

Down-under Bar

3rd Floor, Orchard Towers, 400 Orchard Road, Singapore

The sister bar to Filling Station this bar has about as much in common with Australia as the mainly Philippines staff who work as the numerous bargirls inside it. The decor has not been modified in over a decade and it shows significant signs of wear and tear from years of partying and abuse. However the bar is notable for a few things, firstly the live band which plays every night, usually a range of Rock, Jazz, Pop and some classics. There is a small smoking room which is often the friendliest in Singapore and a great way to meet others from across the World whilst enjoying your evening in Orchard Towers. Pool is also available for those wishing to indulge in a game with a pricelist of beers costing $16 SGD, Spirits $18 SGD and the 3 shot lady drink costing an eye watering $66 SGD.

But wait, this isn’t the reason why the bar is a good stop on your tour of Orchard Towers, there is a VIP Room where if you wish to sing that’s possible whilst enjoying your Beer and Blowjob. Certainly a different happy ending can be had by all in Orchard Towers.

Filling Station

Ground Floor, Rear of Orchard Towers, 400 Orchard Road, Singapore

Another bar with a sordid and difficult history, closed down in 2012 and 2013 due to ‘improper conduct’ by the staff the bar has reopened under new management however has changed hugely since the heyday at the start of the last decade. The bar is all bargirls from the Philippines and is unique for Orchard Towers with a ground floor drinking area which is perfect for people watching between the two towers which make up Orchard Towers. The rowdy-ness and party atmosphere has been dulled somewhat compared to years gone by however it is still an interesting visit. The filipina’s who are working as bargirls in the bar are usually able to work in Singapore on ‘Entertainment Permits’ however the blow-job room (VIP Room) which was rumoured to have finished is still available to those wishing to pay.

Naughty Girls

3rd Floor, Orchard Towers, 400 Orchard Road, Singapore

Russian’s and Indonesian’s are the main bargirls in this venue which is popular amongst expats and tourists alike with a live rock band playing every night and between sets the various girls will perform a tame Go-Go style set on the poles. It is quieter that bars such as Ipanema and has no freelancers working in the bar however the quality of the girls working is generally quite high. Even the Russians who have a reputation for ice-queens in other parts of Asia are very friendly here and are happy to provide a good nights company for those willing to pay ($300-500 SGD for short time and $1000+ for longer) with Indonesian costing less. Whilst most will miss this bar whilst walking around Orchard Towers it is certainly worth a visit.


Throughout Orchard Towers you will hear the constant Sir, Sir, Massage. There are many massage shops around Orchard Towers with mainly Chinese women usually in their 30’s and almost all with a fantastic set of tits. It seems in Orchard Towers amongst other malls this area of the sex industry is owned by the Chinese. The usual price of $50 usually only includes the massage, HJ, BJ and more will cost you another $100-$200 more. Before entering make sure you discuss and agree rates and the services wanted, this will often be conducted into the small shops to avoid her blushes.

Freelancers Outside Orchard Towers

Yes, yes, yes and wow. Some of the freelancers working the area outside the front of Orchard Towers and next to the Taxi Stand are very cute indeed. Typically these Vietnamese girls do not speak a huge amount of English so sometimes the Google Translate is used to communicate with them. With 30 days or less to make some money in Singapore they are on the clock however some of the best freelance service in Singapore can be found by these girls who will go the extra mile to ensure you have a successful ending to the night. Rates for some fun are $300 rising to more depending on time and extra services.

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