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The Red Light Area’s of Manila, Philippines

Manila is a bustling metropolis with one of the highest densities of people anywhere in the World. A jumble of old Philippines charm, slums and new shiny area’s of the city make up the patchwork of neighbourhoods in the Capital of the Philippines. Whilst travel advice is often contradictory on many travel sites movement around Manila is fairly easy and safe- however never quick.

The 4 Main Red Light Area’s

Manila does not have heavy concentrations of girly bars in a single area, instead the area’s to visit are spread out across the city meaning its usually better to spend the evening in one area rather than travelling across town as the rush hour never usually stops until past 10pm in the evening. Bikini Bar’s are the order of the day in the Philippines, it is rare to see full nudity in Manila however the skimpy costumes and high heels in many of the bars gives you a good impression of what maybe on offer when back in your hotel room. The word Go-Go or Strip Club is not used here in Manila however girls on poles or a private dance is readily available if you know where to look.

P.Burgos Street, Makati

Located in one of the main business and financial districts and just off from Makati Avenue and Ayala Avenue you will find P.Burgos Street in Makati. A 200 meter strip of bars which is usually the businessman’s (or woman’s) first point of call when on a trip to Manila. Its neon signs, light up the night sky and is one of the most tourist friendly area’s in Manila. A police checkpoint half way up the street is mainly for show, and whilst manned every evening the throng of massage girls, street prostitutes and ladyboy’s are usually in close proximity to this area ready to chat to any passing man who shows some interest.

The street is home to some famous bars such as Plan B, Rogues, Ringside Bar, Rascals and Wow,Wow,Wow. The bars do not match the size or scale of many of the super clubs you will see in Angeles City however they are well stocked with a good range of Filipina Beauties from across the Philippines. Compared to many of the bars you may find in Thailand the P.Burgos Bars are very much full-on from the moment you sit down, depending on the girl you are with you will be given everything from french kissing to a Blow-Job just for buying a couple of lady drinks. All of the girls speak a good level of English and will give you an enjoyable night whether you are bar-hopping or relaxing there for the night.

Where to stay near to P.Burgos Street

For those who don’t wish to have the hassle of trying to get a taxi, grab or jeepney to/from their desires place of entertainment then there are a number of good hotels nearby P.Burgos all within a couple of minutes walk from the bars. Red Planet Makati, Makati Palace, Best Western Oxford Suites and Century Grand are all on or very close to the main strip of bars- for those looking for more comfort and luxury Fairmont Makati, Dusit Thani, Shangri-La Makati and Holiday Inn are all a few minutes away by taxi.

EDSA Entertainment Complex

Self contained in a purpose built indoor entertainment venue the EDSA entertainment complex is usually one of the first Red Light Districts you will see if your taxi is crawling down EDSA after you have just arrived at the airport. Located in the Pasay area of Manila the entertainment complex is located on EDSA which is one of the main routes through Manila connecting the highways north and south of the city.

The EDSA International Entertainment Complex to use its full title is located in the district of Pasay and opposite the Heritage Hotel Manila. It is a contained unit over 2 floors which is home to 7 bars and 1 nightclub. There are a range of girls and the complex usually has 150+ girls working per night from cute fair skinned slim beauties in their early twenties to some older, more experienced girls in their mid-late thirties. A lady drink in this complex will cost approximately 315 peso and short time is typically charged at 3000 peso with longtime costing 5000 pesos.

Where to stay near to EDSA Entertainment Complex

If on a tight budget the SOGO Hotel is located next door to EDSA Entertainment Complex and is primarily used as a short time hotel for the bargirls. The Heritage Hotel is located just across the road which offers better facilities however it is a older hotel and therefore those who are wishing to stay in better quality lodgings the Fairmont, Dusit Thani, Holiday Inn and Shangri-La are close by and very guest friendly.


Right next to Ermita is Malate. Here you will find mostly KTVs and karaoke bars that are popular among Asians especially Koreans and Japanese, as well as the highest concentration of happy ending massage salons in town.

A good place to start your exploration of this area is Robinson Malate. It’s one of the nicest shopping malls in town and even there you can find some freelancers standing right outside the main entrance (as well as on the corner of the Arab restaurant) who are eagerly smiling at every foreigner they see, obviously more than ready to join you to your hotel for sex if you want.

Malate is in no way comparable to P.Burgos and EDSA Entertainment Complex as the old bars which used to fill the streets have long since gone with the majority of people now visiting the area for the sports bars, freelancers, KTV’s and the good level of hotels. Pan Pacific Malate is famed for its small mall area which has a superb KTV with some very cute girls just waiting to go to your room with you.


Ermita is the oldest red light district in Manila, but it’s somewhat dying. If you talk to some older expats they will tell you how this area once was the “wild west” of Manila in the 1980s, but now due to the efforts of the authorities to “clean up” the area there are no bikini bars with girls dancing on stage anymore.

There are still about a dozen of girly bars and sports bars in Ermita, and 90% of them are conveniently located on Del Pilar Street (see the map at the end of the guide). If you are wondering what’s the difference between a girly bar and a sports bar: The girly bars have girls employed for the purpose of entertaining the male guests. They will ask you for lady drinks that cost more than your own drink and if you want to take them out of the bar you will need to pay the bar fine. Sports bars are usually all about meeting other foreigners and playing pool billiards, there are also nice Filipina waitresses around but they cannot be taken out of the bar (need to wait until the bar closes).

The two best bars in Ermita red light district are LA Café and Amazonia. LA Café is really a legendary place, it’s a bar over two floors with pool tables, live band and even a restaurant, and there are easily more than 100 freelancers on any day of the week. You can even come there at like 3pm on a Wednesday afternoon and will find several dozen of girls hanging out while looking for customers. Amazonia is 100m up the road and even though the setup is nicer, the girls are employed by the bar and make you pay for slightly overpriced drinks first before “entertaining” you.

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