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Video: Mumbai Kamathipura Red Light District

Mumbai (also known as Bombay), is a city in India which contains the neighborhood of Kamathipura, one of the largest red light districts in Asia. India is regarded as having one of the largest commercial sex trades globally. Kamathipura is only one of many red-light district neighborhoods in Mumbai. These neighborhoods are so large and popular that Mumbai has been called the “ultimate destination” for sex tourism. The red-light districts or lal bazaars have many prostitutes and hookers working from small brothels. Equally interesting is the many women who openly work on the street casually speaking to prospective customers as they walk by.

As with most of Asia there is a difference in local and tourist prices, for locals you will be able to buy sex for 300 Indian Rupees ($4) to 500 Indian Rupees ($6). Foreigners can usually expect to pay around $10 US in the brothels.

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