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Worlds Top 20 Bachelor / Stag Party Destinations 2020

When searching the World for the best Bachelor and Stag party locations we looked for specific places where memorable experiences and happy memories as you last days of a single man can be found. Whilst you will often see US to European specific lists created we have covered the World taking you to some of the best party locations on the planet. But wait- your thinking Asia, South America is expensive to fly too? think again, nowhere in 2020 is off the map and whether its a few days men’s retreat of a 2 week party of a lifetime we have a place for you.

Before you retire into the dark ages of your life, handling arguments for not closing the toilet lid, navigating the week of menstruation, screaming kids at night or the boredom of the school run- the Bachelor/Stag Party is a mans right of passage. It is during this time you will realise that all the best things in life need to be sampled before the big day comes. So sit back and enjoy the Worlds Top 20 Bachelor & Stag Destinations for 2020.

20 Pattaya – Thailand

I know what your thinking, wow Pattaya is only at 20 on the list so where is better, well wait and we will see. But out of the thousands of locations we searched it is still an achievement just to make the list. So Pattaya- so many of you will have heard of this Gem in Thailand however few will have been. Thanks to its close proximity to Bangkok and its own little airport located nearby it is not far from getting off the plane to getting down to to serious partying- And Pattaya knows how to party.

Home to hundreds of Hostess Bars, Go-Go’s, Strip Clubs, Massage Parlours and Nightclubs Pattaya is perfect for a Bachelor Party with over 25,000 women working in the various night time party venues for your enjoyment. During the day there is a number of things to ensure you recover from last nights hangover, maybe some jetskis, parasailing, hire a yacht and sail with your favourite girls last night or find some of the quieter beaches just outside Pattaya for some recovery drinks and a snooze under a palm tree.

Most impressive: Home to some of the most stunning Thai beauties in Asia and with a very impressive female to male ratio in most of the Go-Go bars.

How long to stay: You need at least 4 nights in the party capital to ensure you have your wallet, bank cards and balls drained

Watch out for: Ladyboys, some are so feminine you will struggle to tell. Best not acquire a new nickname before your big wedding day!

19 Moscow – Russia

Moscow is a mans paradise for beautiful, tall, fair-skinned and seriously naughty Russian girls. Its nightlife is packed full of great Nightclubs, Bars and Gentlemen’s Clubs which make this the ideal destination for those looking to celebrate in style. I bore you and tell you during the day that this destination has a wealth of cultural sites and wonderful tourist attractions- however in most cases you will be recovering from the parties that rarely finish until 4am. Over the years Moscow’s nightlife industry has become a lot more open and welcoming to foreigners. This means every stag trip will be indulging in some Vodka at least 3 times daily!

Most impressive: The standard of women working in the Strip Clubs and Gentlemen’s Clubs is simply superb. Penthouse and Golden Girls are legendary clubs in Moscow and will give you many good memories of your bachelor party in a rather unique destination.

How long to stay for: Moscow is easy to get from the main international standard hotels to the main nightlife attractions, a weekend is perfect for sampling the delights of Russian hospitality.

Watch out for: Make sure you have a good driver, often the hotel is able to provide a driver and van to transport you around the city with ease.

18 Melbourne – Australia

This years only entry from down-under, Melbourne is one of the most chilled out cities in Australia and home to some great nightlife to ensure that your bachelor party is memorable. Melbourne is a lively and varied city when the sun goes down. Known for its great restaurants, wine bars and pubs this is the perfect way to get you in the mood for the nights festivities ahead. When going out to see some of Australia’s hottest girls you may wish to visit Goldfingers, Dreams or Spearmint Rhino which are all world class strip clubs and also within reasonable distance to one another.

Most impressive: Melbourne is one of the friendliest cities in Australia with beautiful chicks everywhere you look. A recent bachelor party we visited in Melbourne had topless cleaners polishing the room every morning- Yes here in Melbourne you can add those touches needed to make this a superb destination for a Bachelor / Stag party.

How long to stay for: Melbourne is a long distance to travel for most of the Worlds population so we would recommend a week in this lively party capital.

Watch out for: Australia is not cheap- this is a stag party which will require some savings however we like to see it less as expensive and more of quality.

17 Phuket – Thailand

Phuket makes the list and is one of three destinations to make the Top 20 from Thailand. Whilst the main red light district is located in Soi Bangla, Walking Street in Patong by no means you have to stay here. The island is full of world class beachfront properties to ensure you relax when the partying finishes.

So why is Phuket good for a bachelor party? well unless you have been living on another planet for the past 50 years Phukets reputation has grown since the Vietnam War to become a leading red light destination known the World over. This is also known by most of the stunning Thai’s who come here to work in their thousands to give you a memorable night with a happy ending. Filled with 10 Indoor strip clubs known as Go-Go’s is is home to some of the most famous including Suzy Wong’s, Harem and Goddess Lounge.

Most impressive: Don’t just want to party in a Strip Club but wish to stay there for your entire trip? well you can! Yes, Goddess Lounge is a fully fledged Go-Go with some of the hottest women in Phuket and has 4 rooms upstairs, each have their own miniature Go-Go Stage complete with Poles, Lighting and Sound- perfect for your own private parties all day and all night.

How long to stay for: Stay for a minimum of 3 nights, as the beer, girls and entertainment is so cheap hopefully you will remember one of the nights.

Watch out for: STD’s- as this one might be difficult to explain on the honeymoon. Bareback is cool in porn, in the real World however its not so great to visit the doctor with an itch below. For those wishing to check before the flight back then you always have the travellers disease clinic on Soi Absolute in Patong, perfect for some extra meds before the flight back!

16 Bratislava – Slovakia

What do Ak-47’s, Mud Wrestling and Strippers have in common- Bratislava of course! This small city is pretty much a man’s paradise where testosterone is flowing as much as the beers. Oh the beers- €1 wow! Yes Bratislava is home to a bachelor party scene which involves unloading a couple of clips from a Russian machine gun in the morning, after lunch you can wrestle your mates in mud and when cleaned up you can hit the many nightclubs and strip clubs which gives this city its saucier edge. Moulin Rouge, Erotic and Devils are just some of the places to enjoy during the evening. The blonde babes from Eastern Europe will surely show you what you will be missing when your finally married.

Most impressive: If one of the nights you cant be bothered to hit the club then bring the club to your hotel room, 3 entertainers for €300 including all extra’s is just one of the many highlights of this amazing location in Europe.

How long to stay for: Until the money runs out or your wedding day whichever comes first. Bratislava has been known to loose grooms to the sensual and erotic charm of this city time and time again.

Watch out for: Trying to book various trips and activities on arrival, book in advance to ensure all your party can participate in the various activities.

15 Ibiza – Spain

The White Isle is home to some of the most beautiful beaches and coastline in Spain and for those who are wishing to have a more chilled bachelor party. Well- when we say chilled what we mean is finishing the party at 6am after a night in the World Famous nightclubs which give this place its international reputation for partying. With fewer strip clubs than most locations on this list it makes up for it with the quality of the Mediterranean beauties who walk around in bikini’s day and night.

Most impressive: For those who love EDM, Trance and old-school dance hits here in Ibiza you can party the night away in the World Famous nightclubs surrounded by thousands of like-minded tourists and and enormous number of horny female travellers.

How long to stay for: 1 week should be enough to celebrate in style and class.

Watch out for: Some of the largest clubs in Ibiza are very expensive, it is unlikely you will be able to go from dusk to dawn in each one- but you could try!

14 Hamburg – Germany

Hamburg is not just one of Germany’s best night life spots but amongst the best in Europe. The famous red-light and party district of St Pauli is the heart of Hamburg’s nightlife. The area truly comes to life after midnight. Here, erotic bars and sex shops peacefully coexist with old sailors’ pubs and modern discos. On the one kilometre Reeperbahn and the surrounding streets and squares, everyone will find their perfect spot for an unforgettable night.

Some of Hamburg’s most exciting nightlife locations can be found off the beaten track. Beneath the main shopping street lies the luxurious Privileg, Hamburg’s most exclusive club decorated by Europe’s largest private aquarium. Nearby the Le Lion Bar de Paris is a sophisticated location offering some of the best cocktails in the country. A unique atmosphere awaits at the Fabrik, a renovated factory building of red brick and steel, one of the city’s most popular concert locations. And the current top location for young and urbane party-goers is the Moloch, located in the modern HafenCity district.

Most impressive: The red light district in Reeperbahn will keep you coming back again and again. Stunning girls from across the EU show just why the Germans are into some seriously kinky shit!

How long to stay for: 3 days should be enough to celebrate in style and class.

Watch out for: Down on the River Elbe there are a number of cool boats which sail as party venues, loaded with stunning women these are a night life attraction in their own right.

13 Miami – USA

Miami does many things better, the nightlife and clubs are often a mix of American and Latino flavours and its home to some of the most stunning bronzed beauties anywhere within the United States. Why not during the day arrange a Pool Party for your and your bachelor party which can be hosted at a number of venues around the city, need some stunning girls to swim, bathe or dance in the skimpiest bikini’s? well no problem- nothing is too much in this party capital. For those who are looking to hit the many Strip Clubs Miami has to offer then look no further than Cheetah’s, Club Madonna and Bare Necessity.

Most impressive: If you are new to Latino beauties Miami has them in abundance, at the airport, hotel, mall, strip clubs- you get the idea!.

How long to stay for: 1 week, take it easy and don’t blow your load on the first night, its very easy to do!

Watch out for: Miami has a number of World Famous Porn Stars doing show dance event nights at many of the Gentlemen’s clubs, be sure to check out the listings before you travel, never a better moment to meet a porn star than just before you get married!

12 Tokyo – Japan

The land of the rising sun has given us many interesting inventions over the years, in the red light district their ingenuity for making something even more strange yet strangely erotic never ceases to amaze. Soap Lands, Pink Salons, Strip Clubs, Hostess Clubs, Anime Shows, Geisha are just some of the incredible night time entertainment on offer in Tokyo’s famed red light district- Kabukicho – Shinjuku.

An oppai bar is a kind of place for adults where you take a seat for a certain period of time, order your drinks, and during your stay inside several women will come and sit with you. The girls will rotate. For example, you pay for 60 minutes, and every 10 minutes a new girl comes to your seat. You can kiss them, touch or suck their breast and other “soft” contacts. Going beyond this is generally prohibited. It is not a place where to climax, but only to chat and “play” in a naughty way with some sexy girls. The average price for this kind of place is 10,000-15,000¥ for 1 hour.

In a pink salon (ピンサロ, pinsaro) you choose a girl and go to take a seat. The girl will bring you a drink and give you a blowjob for as long as you have paid for. Happy Hinomaru is a cheap and not too remarkable pink salon in Kabukicho where foreigners are always welcome. Opinions on the internet are very mixed, the service may be good as well as poor. The only service offered is a blowjob for different time lengths. Prices start at around 4500¥ for 20 minutes.

Soaplands (ソープランド, sōpurando) are one of the most particular kinds of brothel in Japan. Officially you go to a soapland to be washed in a bathtub by a prostitute (but there are also some less common soaplands for women!). Of course, while and after being washed there is plenty of time to get massages, blow jobs and sometimes even a complete sexual intercourse (but pay attention because the last one is illegal in Japan). In Tokyo there is another area famous for soaplands, Yoshiwara. Soaplands are usually quite expensive, you need to pay at least 20,000¥ for 1 hour.

Most impressive: Tokyo is an assault on the senses in every way.

How long to stay for: 4 days is a great duration in this destination.

Watch out for: There are also special cabarets being held in the red light district which have a more western feel. The dancers are usually some of the most stunning you will find in Asia and the entertainment is World Famous.

11 Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

Being the only entry from South America Rio is by far the best destination to visit for a raunchy and red faced Bachelor Party. Rio de Janeiro has a reputation for unrivaled nightlife, yet finding it is not as easy as it seems. From underground samba shows to multi-floor nightclubs, Rio has it all – you just need to know where to look. Lapa is known to be the nightlife center of Rio de Janeiro and is full of bars, pubs, and nightclubs. It attracts a young crowd and is popular with students thanks to the promotional offers at the clubs, yet the bars reel in a mix of people of all ages and backgrounds.  Between Copacabana and Leme is the infamous redlight district.  Centaurus is amongst the most popular in Rio and has a huge selection of Evening Entertainment options for your Bachelor / Stag Party.

Most impressive: The lineup of South American beauties in Centaurus and other Strip Clubs in the red light district.

How long to stay for: 4 days is a great duration in this destination.

Watch out for: Rio’s reputation for safety is famous or infamous depending upon who you speak too. Best to have a guide with you on the first night to show you the ropes to ensure you are in the best hands whilst your eyes glaze over from all the hotties everywhere.

10 New Orleans – USA

New Orleans feels like no other part of the US and for good reason, this jewel of a city has a unique vibe and bohemian charm which should match your Bachelor Party. Home to Bourbon Street and Mardi Gras the New Orleans offering is vast with superb drinking venues and a naughtiness which will keep your friends entertained for the entire trip. The adult entertainment industry here has a modern twist and showcases some of the best clubs from the US, famous spots to party such as Penthouse and Larry Flynt’s Hustlers Barely Legal Strip Club both offer a welcoming atmosphere and superb surroundings to enjoy some of the hottest babes in the USA.

Most impressive: The laid back drinking saloons in the French Quarter offer something totally unique compared to all the other destinations on the list.

How long to stay for: 1 week should be enough time to celebrate, however there are so many amazingly beautiful women some of you may never wish to leave.

Watch out for: Mardi Gras– if you are in town and manage to party with the huge crowds you will see some sights which will make you look again, hot hot girls, a carnival atmosphere and a free love feel in the air.

9 Tallinn – Estonia

Eastern Europe is well represented by a number of entries, why? well its obviously because these destination have the perfect mix of cheap beer, gorgeous ladies and entertainment which will blow your socks off. Well Tallinn in Estonia is no different, the small city is home to a huge population of attractive blonde Eastern Europeans who know how to truly entertain a Bachelor Party. Whilst you might be thinking where is Estonia its in the far-eastern corner of Europe and Close to Russia however it also has a lot of influence from Scandinavia too meaning you have tall, blonde and incredibly attractive women everywhere. This doesn’t stop when you get to the night clubs and Gentlemen’s Clubs too! X-Club is the luxury end of the Adult Entertainment in Tallinn however if you have a (lower) budget you will enjoy Borsi which is a super friendly basement strip club which is home to some of the hottest beauties in Estonia.

Most impressive: Like much of Eastern Europe its a relatively cheap place for beer, brothels and beautiful Eastern European’s in the Strip Clubs. Your Bachelor Party will have no problem finding a great location to party.

How long to stay for: 1 week should be enough time to celebrate, however there are so many amazingly beautiful women some of you may never wish to leave.

Watch out for: €58 Champagne for a lady in Borsi is well worth it, watch her shake her ass in excitement and let her show her appreciation. Oh did i forget to mention the fire-show”

8 London – UK

London doesn’t always crop up as a immediate Bachelor / Stag party venue however why not? London’s history and classy adult entertainment venues rank as some of the best in Europe and the city is host to some of the hottest nightclubs and Gentlemen’s Clubs to ensure you have a Bachelor Party to remember. Stringfellows, Spearmint Rhino and Metropolis are very fun and exciting places with a host of British and European Exotic Dancers providing a level of entertainment not seen elsewhere in the UK.

Most impressive: Take a walk around SOHO in London which really comes alive with a saucier and seedier side during the evening, there is always a club to tickle your fancy!

How long to stay for: 1 day or 1 week, London will give you a fun filled Bachelor Party whatever your budget.

Watch out for: Metropolis is one of the wildest clubs in the UK and Europe, wish to have a super-soaker and make your favourite dancer wet (in more ways then one) then Done!

7 Montreal – Canada

Montreal is located in Quebec (the French bit of Canada) and is host to numerous great Adult Entertainment throughout the city. Whilst Montreal is an expensive city compared to others in Canada it boasts a delicious lineup of entertainers from across the America’s- Jamaican, Cuban, Colombian and Canadian mingle easily in the Strip Clubs which dot the city such as Taboo, Club L’Axe and Cabaret Kingdom to name a few. Some of the cheapest clubs to make that night even more special are located near the Airport (La Source du Sexe) where the girl next door types will perform effortlessly on the pole and will then take you into the private booths for dances for just $20 Canadian Dollars or some venues will have private VIP rooms of area’s to make the evening even more special. Montreal is the place to really enjoy on a short trip but this therefore makes it a big bang destination.

Most impressive: Casino’s, Nightclubs and Strip Clubs give this destination all it needs to warrant its place on our Top 20.

How long to stay for: Montreal is ideal as a short visit destination.

Watch out for: Exotic Massage is popular in the city either as a variety of venues across the city of at your hotel room however make sure you know exactly what your paying for before the massage and fun begins!

6 New York – USA

New York, New York the city that never sleeps- well that maybe true of the city however it may also be true of your Bachelor / Stag Party when you visit. New York itself has the charm, charisma and culture to put your fiancees mind at rest thinking its just a lads trip. However scratch beneath the surface and you will find a number of adult entertainment venues which match some of the best in the World. Cheetah’s, Scores and Sapphire all rank highly on the island of Manhattan however why stop there? just across the river you will also find Show Palace and PUMPS which have to be on your bucket list too.

Most impressive: The night time party atmosphere of New York is unlike any other place on earth! you will be hooked and will feel at home straight away!

How long to stay for: A minimum of 3 days is enough however for those looking to combine this destination with nights in the numerous nightclubs then you may wish to extend the stay to ensure you have the party of your lives.

Watch out for: Nothing is cheap in New York, you will need the money of the celebrity to match the lifestyle for more than a few days. Save up, the big city and beautiful girls are waiting for you!

5 Amsterdam – Netherlands

Amsterdam needs no introduction, everyone has heard about the Sex Clubs, Red Light Windows, Coffee Shops and general naughtiness which is ever present in Amsterdam day and night. Indeed the De Wallen area of the city which is home to the famous girls in backlit rooms looking out onto the street – through a glass door is usually the first hint that your Bachelor Party will be taking it up a few notches. As we said the the start a Bachelor Party is a right of passage.

The sex shows, legal prostitution and legal weed smoking on one of the many coffee shops is something different to most countries and the free loving and safe environment around De Wallen means that this will be the most relaxed Bachelor Party for more reasons than one.

Most impressive: Does the groom have a kinky side? or would you like to see him being beaten by a Dominatrix well don’t worry- if you wish to give the Groom a experience he won’t forget (no matter how hard he tries anything can be achieved here in Amsterdam)

How long to stay for: 1 week should be enough time to celebrate, however there are so many amazingly beautiful women some of you may never wish to leave.

Watch out for: Amsterdam is not a cheap location, after the weed, hookers, massages, sex shows and accommodation you will be feeling a little poorer. It is a city where you pay for quality. Good weed and good horny European women who are ready to fulfil any desire.

4 Angeles City – Philippines

I know what your thinking- The Philippines? Yes for those who have visited the islands they will tell you its not just a great sex tourism destination but also because of the sheer number of nightlife venues offering everything from beer and a blowjob to home of the World Best Pool Party at Scorebirds Hotel in Angeles City this place really does have it all. A 4 km. road lined with the wildest bars, nightclubs, and great hotels there will be everything you need to make it an unforgettable trip. Just tell the girls in each bar its a bachelor party and you will be sure that 10 of the cutest and horniest girls from each bar will want to come back with your group to continue the party well into the morning hours.

Most impressive: This has to be one of the cheapest destinations for partying anywhere in the world and with Filipina beauties around every corner your Bachelor Party will always have additional company willing to make it memorable in every way!

How long to stay for: 1 week should be enough time to celebrate, however there are so many amazingly beautiful women some of you may never wish to leave.

Watch out for: Club Atlantis on Walking Street is famous for its 150+ girls working every night performing dances, modelling shows and happy to follow you back to your hotel for a very very small fee.

3 Prague – Czech Republic

Over the past 20 years Prague has grown to become one of the best destinations in Europe to party and meet beautiful Eastern European women. However coming 3rd is a fantastic achievement for Prague. Filled with some of the hottest and most naughty Eastern European strippers, hookers and adult entertainers means its a must do destination if you are looking for somewhere for you and your Bachelor Party in Europe. You won’t be alone as this is becoming a prime destination for wild groups of men looking to host the best parties of their friends lives. Faraon, Hot Peppers and Queens are some of the great Strip Clubs every Bachelor should check out before they leave.

Most impressive: One of the cheapest destinations in Europe this fantastic destination boasts a high number of Strip Clubs, Sex Clubs, Hookers and stunning blonde Eastern Europeans to make all of your party plans come true.

How long to stay for: 3 days is a minimum in this city however you can choose to stay much longer if needed and indulge in as many fantasies as you wish before the big day.

Watch out for: Club Atlantis on Walking Street is famous for its 150+ girls working every night performing dances, modelling shows and happy to follow you back to your hotel for a very very small fee.

2 Bangkok

Bangkok is not just an amazing city to visit however it is the Capital of Thailand which has an impressive 3 listings in the top 20 of the best destinations for your Bachelor Party. Bangkok like its other party capitals Pattaya and Phuket has a lot to offer. I could bore you with talk about the vibrant culture, amazing food and impressive historic sights to see and explore but we both know you will not be heading to Bangkok to taste the Pad Thai or enjoy some meditation. Indeed you will be coming to Bangkok because the areas of Patpong, Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza and Sukhumvit are simply THE places to be when celebrating a Bachelor Party.

Girls, Girls, Girls- yes a popular lyric by Motley Crew however this city has them- in abundance. When staying at one of the great hotels in Sukhumvit area of Bangkok you will be surrounding by stunningly attractive and horny Thai women morning, noon and night. Even before the party gets going have a sexy masseuse come to your room to relax those muscles, start off with some daytime drinking and then maybe some sport? Come on surely ejecting Ping Pong balls from a vagina at high speed is a sport? But if that isn’t enough the you have literally hundreds of World Famous Hostess Bars, Go-Go and Sex Shows to keep you and your party more than happy.- After all this is the land of smiles.

Most impressive: Bangkok isn’t just amazing for girls but also for price. Cheap compared to many destinations in the States is boasts the ability to literally fulfil every party wish needed. If you are looking for something extra special then just ask- no kink is too kinky here.

How long to stay for: 1 week should be enough time to celebrate, however there are so many amazingly beautiful women some of you may never wish to leave.

Watch out for: The Go-Go in Enter Bar in Nana Plaza has to be seen to be believed, Go-Go + Jacuzzi Tub + Glass Shower in the dance floor = One Naughty Night!

1 Las Vegas – USA

Viva Las Vegas, still the party capital of not just the United States but by our reckoning also the Bachelor / Stag Party Destination we see as being the best in the World. Las Vegas is known for its famed Las Vegas Strip which is come to some very luxurious hotels and great casino’s to spend a bit of your time (and your money!) whilst on the Bachelor Party of a lifetime. The city however is also home to some fantastic activities to make sure your party is memorable for everyone in the group not to mention the legal brothels which are just 1 hour from the city and the journeys can be made that much more memorable with many of the ranches including the Bunny Ranch offering free transportation from Las Vegas. Alternatively if some great american (vaginal) muscle is what you are looking for then the Las Vegas Strip has numerous Strip Clubs located a short distance including the famous Treasures, Deja Vu, Centerfolds and Talk of the Town to name just a few.

Most impressive: Every night will be different, whether on the Strip, downtown or even over at one of the ranches there is so much (and so many girl’s) to do that you will be truly spoilt for choice.

How long to stay for: It doesn’t matter, no matter how much money and time you have Vegas will always win, whether your in town for 1 night or 1 week you will have an unforgettable stay.

Watch out for: All your favourite adult entertainers and porn stars are always in town for feature dancing at some of the great Gentelmen’s Clubs in the city plus also watch out for special exhibitions by AVN which often attract over 500 of the Worlds Best Porn Stars- now there is a Bachelor Party picture to be proud of!

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